I wanted to share with you guys the beautiful bespoke biscuits my company BKD make. We can make all shapes and sizes, of course including hearts!  We can imprint names, dates and messages.  Email me at for a quote!

Little bit more about our biscuits...

Bespoke heart shapped biscuits, perfect for your wedding favours

Say thank you to your guests with our delicious heart shapped biscuits. Biscuits are all handmade and stamped with the bride and grooms initials ie 'A + M' or 'A & M' or your wedding date ie. 06.10.14 or LOVE.

Orders are sent via Royal Mail first class delivery, or you also have the option of us sending them guaranteed next day delivery. Please order at least two weeks before your wedding. We can dispatch your biscuits on specific dates so please order in advance where possible, please let us know your wedding date when you order.

Bisciuts are available in Vanilla or Chocolate or Lemon

Various colours are available.  With or without edible gold splatters.  Block colour or two tone ripple colour


Today I wanted to do a little post on another passion of mine, baking!  I'm now combining two of my loves, cakes and kids and hosting cool kids baking classes in Shoreditch.  This is a new venture of mine and I'm hoping you guys may be interested or can help spread the word!  A little info about my next class below. Mail me at if you have any questions.


A x

See what we’ve got up to in previous classes HERE!  And find out more about us HERE!


What to wear to a wedding, the age old debate! New Look have a beautiful selection of evening dresses perfect for bride, bridesmaid or guest and at fantastic prices. Great for the budget savvy bride or guest!

They have a range of gorgeous dresses, from prom, to maxi, to lace shift're sure to find a style to fit you perfectly.  Below I've picked out a few that stood out in the crowd and would suit various styles of wedding.

City Bride

White Off The Shoulder Scuba Dress £24.99

Vintage Bridesmaid

Parisian Pink Sequin Cut Out Flower Strapless Dress £29.99

Chic Guest
Lipstick Boutique Monochrome Dress £39.00

What style of wedding are you thinking of? Are you a budget savvy bride? Comment below and let us know your favourite New Look dress! xo


Today I'd like to introduce to luxury lingerie brand Myla.  Capturing and celebrating the power of women is at the heart of Myla's lingerie.

Decadent fabrics, including pure silks and lavish laces, and investment into the perfect cut have allowed Myla's garments to be as supportive and comfortable as they are arrestingly seductive.

The current collection includes a delicious set of forest green silk and black lace bras and knickers – some with cheeky suspenders, playful baby doll dresses and innovative underwear with unexpected edgings. The range is all at once powerful, seductive and forward thinking.

They also have a gorgeous bridal range of lingerie and sleepwear.  These are a few of my favourites, loving the 'something blue' sleepwear! Soooo pretty.

 And how amazing would you feel on your wedding day, with these gorgeous sets on, love the blush version!

You may not wear your dress again but you'd definitely wear your underwear again!  I also wanted to pick out the below set, not wedding day appropriate but stunning never the less!

Click HERE to look at more beautiful Myla underwear. Thanks! xo


Organising a wedding is an expensive task and the first thing we all do is start to budget. As well as saving pennies, you can also make some extra money by selling things you no longer want.  Clothing is a great start!

We have come a long way from prehistoric fashion, where warmth was the main penchant for dressing. Now it is about the latest item that hangs in high street stores, awaiting the individual to pick it out of obscurity and into their wardrobe. The truth is clothes are more than just what you put on your back, they are a statement. No matter what they describe what sort of a person you are, whether you like it or not!

That is why when it comes to clothing, we collect, collect and collect, in the hope that we keep up with the latest trends and stay away from fashion faux pas. From denim jackets to skinny jeans and bubble skirts to the latest ‘it’ print, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to high street trends.

It is understandable then why we collect so many items of clothing that sit in our wardrobe, steadily creating a material mountain of garments from trends past. Ever had that moment where you open your bursting wardrobe yet can’t find anything to wear? That sparkly vest or that paisley shirt has just lost its pizazz and is now just taking up precious wardrobe space!  I am most definitely a culprit of this and am in need of a major clear out!!!

Sites like eBay are a great way to sell clothing but with all the fees this can work out costly and time consuming.  A great little site I'd like to introduce you too is musicMapie which is a clothes recycling for cash website, you can also sell other unwanted items such as CDs and Electronics. You can get cash for your unwanted clothes and de-clutter your home at the same time!

It’s really easy to sell clothes with musicMagpie, just enter the brand & type of garment you want to sell into their valuation engine and you get an instant price!  They'll even send a free courier to come and collect everything.  Sounds great to me! xo


I'm on the hunt for a new coffee table and have realised in looking around these come in zillions of shapes, sizes, materials, styles etc.  Round and wooden? Brass legs with a glass top? Drawers or no drawers? A coffee table can make or break the look of a living room, so it's something that takes careful consideration.

Here's a few pointers if you are considering a new coffee table purchase...

Size & Shape
Round coffee tables can work well in a smaller boxy room, where as a rectangular coffee table will look best in a long narrow room.  Also think about the visual impact you want to make.  Books stacked on a coffee table can look stylish, but you'll want a wide low coffee table for this look.

As a general rule aim for your coffee table to be 3/4 of the length of your sofa and allow plenty of space to walk around it so that the room doesn't feel cramped.

Glass coffee tables can give a more spacious and contemporary feel to a living room. Or if you are looking for a more traditional feel then opt for a wooden table with decorative features.

This is particularly important for me with a small child, I like to move our coffee table to the side of the room for playtime in the day. Light weight or wheeled coffee tables suit me perfectly!

Built in Storage
Definitely something to consider if you have a small living room and you're strapped for storage.  Perfect for storing unsightly clutter such as remotes, magazines, newspapers.

My first stop for anything for my home is John Lewis, they always have affordable and stylish homeware. Check out their coffee tables here.

I particularly like this bronze one, I think it would compliment the orange accents in my living room perfectly! It has a very sleek, contemporary feel to it.

Good luck with your hunt! x


Thought you guys might enjoy this post from my personal baking website Great for a deserts table too!
A few of my mummy friends commented on how much they loved Cai’s Rainbow birthday cake and would like to do the same for their babies birthdays, so I wanted to share the recipe and my tips for making it.
First big tip is to buy the gel colours not liquid colouring, you won’t get the bright colours with liquid colourings more of a pastel effect.
Second tip is when baking the cakes open the oven from time to time to make the cake flat.  Normally we wouldn’t want this but as this is a layer cake and we want the layers to be as level as possible to get that seamless effect.
I used 2 cake tins and cooked 2 layers at a time.  Found this worked well with giving enough time for cooling. Also allowed time for colouring of the mixture for next two layers whilst the other layers were baking.
Right now for the recipe, very simple to make…
500g butter, softened // 500g caster sugar // 10 eggs // 500g self raising flour // Wilton colour gels // 2.5 teaspoons of vanilla extract
150g butter softened // 300g Philadelphia (must be full fat) // 900g Icing sugar // 3 teaspoons of vanilla extract
Preheat oven to 180C / 160 fan / gas 5
Cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy (3-4 minutes) using an electric whisk
Add egg a little at a time to avoid curdling
Add flour bit by bit to stop the egg splitting
Add vanilla extract
Mix well but don’t over mix

Grease and line 2 cake tins. Divide mixture into 6 portions, weigh to ensure equal weights. Add Wilton colour gels to each bowl, a little bit at a time as colours are strong. Use a cocktail stick to prevent dying your hands

Put 2 tins at a time in the oven for 16-18 minutes.  Put a piece of greaseproof paper over the top to prevent browning. Test with a cocktail stick in the middle to check cooked well.  Set aside to cool and reuse tins for the next 4 colours

Once all layers are cooked and cooled you are ready to put them together to make your cake.  Place purple layer on your cake stand ready for buttercream. Use a whisk to mix all of the above buttercream ingredients together. Use very thin layer of buttercream between layers. Put weights on top to compress layers together for about 30mins. This helps give the effect that its one whole cake
Once your layers are all buttercreamed together you are ready to cover the cake in buttercream. Best to cover with a thin layer of buttercream first, known as a crumb coating and then refrigerate for 30mins
Once refrigerated the buttercream goes harder and is a good base for a thicker coating of buttercream. Use a spatula for a smoother finish
Now your ready to decorate. I used mini Smarties around the base and edged with rainbow coloured sprinkles. I made a cardboard number one that I glued the same sprinkles too, this gave the effect of the 1 being made of cake too :)
That’s it top with candles or sparkles and get ready to wow people when you cut it open!


Hi Everyone

I've been really missing blogging so to fill the void I've set up a personal blog.  There won't be any wedding loveliness but you will be able to keep up with mine and Cai's day outs (:)) and other bits like fashion, food, interiors, music etc etc.  I won't be updating numerous times a day but will hopefully get to update it every few days or so when Cai takes a nap :)

Anywayz you can find me here for the next few months >>

Hope you come by and say hi!

Adelle xo