Artist: Rachel Glittenberg

I wanted to write a post about my extremely talented friend Rachel Glittenberg.  She's a London based painter and she has some gorgeous paintings for sale on her website.  She also sells prints if you're budget won't stretch. Perfect item to add to your gift list! :o)

Rachel's artist statement: 'Rachel is very inspired by natures beauty and much of the imagery she uses is driven by her desire to capture the beautiful colours and vibrancy of the natural world.  Her work encapsulates how she sees life, as a cycle, akin to the seasons, a part of nature, like the forming and melting of a snow drop, to the new buds on a tree in spring and their demise in winter.  Using her internal emotions in relation to the external world, Rachels work explores territories of renewal, growth and new beginnings. 

Rachel is influenced by the Abstract Expressionists use of freedom and exploration of colour and brushstroke techniques. Her primary medium is oil on canvas.  She works quickly, building up layers of paint to get good movement and flow.  Other techniques include scraping away paint and deftly using a palette knife to create bold and beautiful effects. Rachels work focuses on the journey, letting go of the end result, but always knowing instinctively when a piece is finished.' 

We were extremely lucky receive one of Rachel's stunning paintings as a wedding gift.  Thanks again Rachel x

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