Loving this DIY post from Rhubarb & Rose. Enjoy!

You'll need…

A cake (I’ve used a double batch of this red velvet recipe spilt across 2 x 20cm sandwich tins)
Icing (I’ve used one batch of this cream cheese one)
400g chocolate coating
60 x 15cm paper lollipop sticks
Sprinkles or sugar roses to decorate
Polystyrene block (or something to stand your pops in as they dry)
Cellophane bags (optional)
Ribbon (optional)

(Makes about 60)

1. Crumble up your cooled cake into a large bowl (this feels very wrong but fun!)

2. Mix in the icing until well combined
3. Roll into balls that are about 3cm across (this is the messy bit!), place on 2 lined baking sheets and cover with foil or cling film before refrigerating for at least 2 hours or overnight

4. Melt your chocolate coating in a bowl by following the instructions on the packet – I use the microwave on defrost setting and stir after every 30 seconds
5. Dip each lollipop stick about 1cm into the melted chocolate coating and push half way into each cake ball – this helps the cake ball to stay on its stick

6. Once set, dip each of your pops all the way into the chocolate coating including about 1 cm of the stick, tap off the excesses chocolate, add your decoration and stand in your polystyrene block to dry

7. That’s it! They only take 30mins or so to dry and then you can wrap them with lollipop style cellophane bags or store them in a tin lined with greaseproof paper. They keep for about 5 days in a cool place or in the fridge.

Top pop tips:

1. You can try other flavours of cake – chocolate cake with chocolate icing works well and lemon and poppy seed cake with lemon icing is next on my list to try
2. Make sure that your cake balls are properly chilled before you dip them (otherwise they fall off of their sticks!)
3. I use Wilton Candy Melts for my chocolate coating as they come in different colours and are easy to melt
4. Get in there quickly with your sprinkles or decorations as the candy coating dries pretty quickly
5. Make lots as they’ll all get eaten!

Original concept from Bakerella
Wilton Candy Melts, sticks, decorations and bags from Cookies and Crafts Shop
The polystyrene block is a cake dummy from eBay