London based photographer Julia Boggio launched her Vintage Boudoir experience earlier this year.  She has an amazing team of professionals who masterfully work behind the scenes to turn you ladies into modern day goddesses.  Why not embrace your curves and surprise your partner with a saucy framed picture as a gift?  Or even better treat yourself, who doesn't want to spend a day being pampered and feeling god damn hot!

Here's what Julia had to say: “Pin-up is so much more erotic than a lot of modern boudoir, which often shows too much. Pin-up is all about tantalising the viewer with what’s being covered up, but saying ‘I’m cheeky and sexy’ in the expression.”

Here’s a quick video of what you can expect:

Call the studio on 0207 042 9777 or email us at smile@juliaboggiostudios.com to buy a boudoir photoshoot.

Get booking ladies, think I'll be joining you! he he xx


  1. I realllllly want one of these shoots (although I think I'd need to give up my choc-fetish before hand as there is quite a bit of leg on show).

    I may have to start a little Pin Up Savings Account now... Love the post xxx