I'm back from my hols in Greece and feeling well rested even though things have been a wee bit mental the last few days.  My cousins wedding was lovely and I got to have plenty of time to chill by the pool, just what us preggars ladies need :)  The day after getting back from hols we went for our second scan and found out we're having a little boy, we've been on a high ever since!  Very exciting news and have now gone into full baby mode and have started buying a few bits and preparing for our little one.  Have also been hectic with helping to promote my husband and friends who have got through to the live semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent.  Super excited for them and will be going along to the live semi-finals in Wembley tomorrow to support them.  Watch out for me in the audience with my banner ha ha.  And if all that wasn't enough, I was lucky enough to have my little blog featured in this months Wedding Magazine, very chuffed to say the least!   So life is busy but bloody great, so grateful for all the fabulous things that are happening to us.

Here's a few pics summing up my last couple of weeks :)

Here I am posing by the poolside ha ha.  I'm wearing a Tiffany Rose maternity occasion wear dress.  Can't recommend them enough, more to follow on this later.

Me on the day of our second scan, 5 and a bit months pregnant!

and a couple of our purchases...

Awwwww :)

Here's a clip of my boys, aka 2 n' a Half Men's audition on Britain's Got Talent.  Watch it by clicking the below link (sorry wouldn't let me embed it), watch out for them on tomorrows (Tues) live semi finals on ITV1!


And finally a pic of my feature in Wedding Magazine :)

It's good to be back! xx

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