Being pregnant has opened me up to a whole new area of wedding dilemmas.  A month back I went to my cousins wedding in Greece and started panicking about what to wear.  Finding day to day maternity wear is hard enough, but occasion wear was a whole different matter.  I came across Tiffany Rose and have to say I was delighted with my dress and wanted to recommend them to you ladies who might find yourselves in a similar position.  I wore the Grecian Dress and found it to be of beautiful quality, super comfortable, flattering and have to say I felt very chic in it!

Here I am having a little pose in my yummy dress :)

I also discovered they do a gorgeous range of maternity wedding dresses, they're really beautiful and reasonably priced too.  Here's a couple of my favourites.

Certainly worth a look at their site, they have so many stunning dresses that are perfect for all sorts of occasions.

(*Please note I was provided with the dress free of charge to enable me to review it.)


  1. WOW! They have so many stunning dresses that are perfect for all sorts of occasions..
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  2. Hey, I'm a wedding photographer from Northern Ireland and I've just finished shooting a bride who was pregnant. It's still possible to be stunning during this time, as you have proved... the Tiffany Rose dresses look incredible. Thanks for the post :)

  3. I've designed some of the most stunning gowns for brides who were just about to deliver. Empire lines are great for just about anyone

  4. These are fabulous dresses and you look stunning in those pics. Thanks for sharing x

  5. You have beautiful dresses. And once you wear it, you can definitely say that you look like a Greek goddess.

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  7. Stunning! It looks so cool and swishily elegant too!

  8. love these dresses... especially the short ones. :) I think that they're just perfect for a summer wedding… these dresses are flowy, stylish and above all... they are short :)

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