@PeoniesnPearls any advice/opinion on non matching bridesmaid dresses? pleaaaasssee. I bought 2 of these from @PeoniesnPearls but 1 is too small& now have extra need 2 more dresses

Hi Dominique

I thought I'd respond to you via my blog as the response might be helpful to other brides in your situation.

I think mis-matched bridesmaid dresses can look great, but do think they should follow the same colour scheme and have a similar style, if you already have two that are matching. The dresses you bought off me have a very distinct look so suggest you try get a similar style/colour, have you seen this site You can custom make dresses so you may get something to blend in quite nicely and they have 15% off your first order at the moment. You could also see if a seamstress can alter the one dress and make an extra one that is very similar.  Or if none of these options work you, you could always sell the dresses you have on ebay for the same price you bought them for and start with a whole new look.  Hope this helps xxx

If anyone else has any questions, please feel free to facebook, tweet or mail me at and I'll try my best to help out!



  1. Thanks for this adelle. I've gone for the same colours dresses in different styles. I couldn't sell the monsoon ones because I love them too much xx

  2. Hey dom, so happy you found a solution and could still use the dresses!! they are gorgeous ;-) xx