Known for her love affair with lace, Finnish designer Minna Hepburn has launched a romantically bohemian Wedding Collection. The collection offers a range of affordable (£200-£500), thoughtfully designed and lovingly hand embellished dresses. To complete the vintage bridal look, the collection offers a stunning range of veils, turbans and hair adornments.

Her Wedding Collection is a seamless continuation from her previous vintage-inspired feminine pieces. Minna was inspired by her customers wearing her dresses as bridal gowns, thus creating a separate collection to embrace the one-of-a-kind occasion. She wanted to embody wearability and the eco-spirit within the collection; therefore the versatile dresses are designed to go from vows to cocktails to festivals.

The old marital good luck custom can be added to the dresses to create unique embellishments with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. A favourite love poem or wedding date can be hand embroidered to the dress as well and customers have Minna’s vast archive of lace fabrics to choose from. The frocks can be altered according to the client’s specification, and different fabrics can be used for bridesmaid’s garments for a complete nuptial- look.

Fabrics used vary from creamy silks to detailed laces and chiffons. The wedding collection stays true to the Minna brand with a rich palette of natural soft powder, ivory and white colours. The garments are handmade in UK and all the off-cuts are used for decorating, thus minimising the wastage.