I was sooo excited when I got this submission, another of my all time fav designers.  This collection is AMAZZZZING, I seriously can't wait to see it in the flesh at The Luxury Wedding Show!

Vivienne Westwood’s latest Couture and Bridal collections will be presented at the premium-wedding event “The Luxury Wedding Show London”, hosted at the Saatchi Gallery on 22-23 October 2011.

For this latest bespoke Couture and Bridal Collection, Vivienne Westwood has extended the collection up to 20 styles, whilst remaining faithful to her strong belief that femininity ought to be celebrated. The tailoring, corsetry, crinoline, and soft lines of this collection all enhance the feminine silhouette. There are silk satins, georgette and chiffon for the draped and slinky styles, silk duchess and taffetas for the gowns, and embroidery, lace, tulle and sequins all to enhance the couture styles. The collection is romantic yet strong with the colour palette ranging from white, soft ivories, champagne, dusty pinks, gold, to a sumptuous red. The Westwood bride is an independent woman and this is reflected in the collection.

To date, Vivienne Westwood has ensured that many an A-list celebrity, insiders and high end fashion professionals have been perfectly tailored to and dressed for their wedding day. Be it in floor-length organza or prom-style lace, each piece is skillfully handcrafted for each Brides individual desire, ensuring that their special occasion is complete with a unique and sensational dress.

In the words of Vivienne Westwood:

“My clothes allow you to project your personality, and are quite theatrical in the sense that they are real clothes, well-designed, and they give you a chance to express yourself. They are also inviting–people respond to them and want to come and talk to you”


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