I'm delighted to introduce you to my newest sponsor the UKAWP.  If you are considering hiring a Wedding Planner and I definitely recommend having one after using one for my own wedding, then you should most definitely consult the UKAWP.  They're a company that trains and supports approx 80 wedding planners a year and ensures they abide to a strict Code of Practice which is vital when you're intrusting your big day to a complete stranger.

Read below for a bit more info on the UKAWP and the ladies behind it's success and how it can benefit you as a Bride....

The UKAWP is owned and run by three like-minded wedding planners who are passionate about the industry and each run a small but successful wedding planning business of their own. Bernadette Chapman, Sandy Moretta and Kelly Chandler regularly feature in the media and are widely recommended by established planners, industry professionals and training providers as being a dedicated and practical Alliance for all wedding planners, established and new. Each of the directors have 8 years+ experience running UK-based wedding planning businesses and have run the Alliance together since May 2006. The UKAWP’s activities are focused on membership, training courses, mentoring and specialised events.

'The Directors'

Each of the planners brings a different take on weddings, have complementary experiences and operate in different areas, but all three are committed to promoting professionalism and good and honest business practise in this field. They firmly believe that being operational wedding planners and knowing the day-to-day of the job enables them to successfully run the Alliance, train new potential planners and nurture and support members.

The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners was founded for one purpose: to promote professionalism in wedding planning. The company believes that by investing in training and development and helping to grow the wedding planning industry in a professional manner that we can together provide an outstanding and unparallelled service for today’s brides and grooms.

The UKAWP train approximately 80 new potential wedding planners a year through classroom taught courses. After training the directors continue to support students with additional networking events, an informative blog and various business tools relevant for their wedding planning businesses including one to one mentoring.

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At present there are just over 60 member companies of the Alliance offering coverage across the UK, with a destination members’ category in its infancy also. Potential members are vetted by the directors and abide by the code of business practise. A full breakdown on entry requirements and benefits is available via www.ukawp.com.



One of the main reasons for the existence of the UKAWP is to act as a reliable reference point for you, the bride. If you are looking for a professional wedding planner, this is the place for you. We are the only membership organisation in the UK dedicated to the ‘wedding planning industry’.

All of our members have proven their professionalism and experience before being accepted and the majority continue their learning by attending workshops and seminars. They are dedicated to improving their knowledge to become the best they can possibly be, for you the bride. They all offer a consultation where you can discuss your wedding in detail and how they may be able to help you.

Click here for an outline of the different services planners offer and here for the Code of Practice they must adhere to.

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