Today's real wedding can be summed up in three words - vibrant, extravagant and exotic!

Jane and Dexter had a Mediterranean wedding in the beautiful Philippines.  I was delighted when I received Jane's submission, such a gorgeous couple and WOW that reception space blew me away, those flowers are amazing!!

So without further ado, here's their fabulous wedding and some insider details from Jane herself.....


♥ Tell us about the proposal!

On the morning of August 26, I woke up early because my flight to Hong Kong was at 8 am. I was irritated because Dexter wasn’t answering any of my text messages and I would like to say goodbye because my friends and I were boarding. When I tried to call him, he couldn’t be reached.

At that time, my friends who were with me already knew that Dexter was on a plane to Hong Kong. He took the earlier flight (6 am) of another airline. I was mad the whole flight because I wasn’t able to talk to him. I was thinking how irresponsible he was not setting his alarm clock so he could talk to me before I leave. Minutes after we arrived our hotel, someone knocked on our door; I was even thinking who this might be disturbing us so early. I was so surprised to see Dexter carrying a dozen of red roses and the biggest ones I had ever seen. I already forgot how mad I was. He entered our room and few seconds after; he got down on one knee (OMG! a ring!) and proposed. I was so shocked. I cried happy tears.

♥ What dress did you wear? How did you know it was the ‘one’? Did you want a particular style?

Modern and vintage at the same time. I waited while my designer was sketching; I didn’t have any objections as if she was reading my mind. That moment I knew, it was the ONE. My long nude coloured gown was composed of chantilly lace accentuating the inner layer with draped tulle overlay on the entire bodice. Alencon lace, flat buttons, taffeta flower cut outs, organic beading of cut beads, pearls, flat sequins, and Swarovski crystals strategically placed on the entire gown.

♥ What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

The most memorable was when the door opened for me before my bridal walk. I had experienced all kinds of emotions. Dexter was breathing deeply and his knees were shaking. He was stopping his tears but I couldn’t. My tears fell before reaching the altar.

♥ General d├ęcor, was there anything special that you organised?

I was a hands-on bride. I travelled 2 hours to get the right fabric for my Principal Sponsors. Dexter and I made a music video for our guest. We recorded it in a studio.

♥ Did you have favours? What inspired your choice?

We gave colourful cupcakes to everyone. We chose cupcakes because everyone loves cupcakes, from old to young. The potted herb plants on the tables served as souvenirs too. Aside from the flowers, the guests were able to bring home the potted herb plants. To our principal sponsors, we gave bags to the ladies and Henessy to the gents. To families, we gave Mediterranean styled mugs. We also had souvenir photos. We rented a photobooth.

♥ First dance, what song did you choose? What made you pick it?

We didn’t use any wedding song for our first dance. Surprisingly, we used Nelly’s Just a dream. Just a dream is not a happy love song but since it is our favourite, we used that song. The tune is catchy and it’s really a pretty good song. At least now, we don’t see it as a sad song anymore. Hearing that song brings back all the wonderful stuff about our wedding.

♥ Do you have any advice you can offer Peonies & Pearls readers?

Book early!!! It took me a while to find the perfect supplier for my wedding gown. 4 months before the wedding, I called the office of the designer and her staff told me that they couldn’t accommodate me anymore. My world collapsed!!! It would be the dream wedding gown and I couldn’t have it. Luckily the next day, I received a call from her office. The caller said that she has found a schedule for me but I had to visit them almost every week. I didn’t mind even if I had to go there everyday. Hahaha! My dream gown was no longer a dream.

Every couple needs the best wedding coordinator and you will be worry free on your big day. Apply your personality in your theme to make it more “you”. Do a lot of enquiring, by this, you will know what you’re looking for or you’ll realise stuff you never thought you’ve missed. Have time to relax. I got sick 2x before the wedding. Take vitamins, sleep, and both of you will be glowing on your wedding day.

♥ Any regrets? Or best decisions made?

NO regrets. Best decision was when we followed everything we wanted. Big risk, big reward! We ended up having 12 colours in our entourage! But it was just perfect! We were very glad with the colourful and thematic result.

Ceremony Venue // The Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Reception Venue // Marriott Hotel Manila
Photography // Francis Perez Photography
Videographer // Threelogy Video
Florist // Church flowers // Casa Fiore Manila
Bride, Entourage and reception flowers // Henry Pascual Event Stylist
Cake // Penk Ching
Bride's Dress // Veluz
Bride’s Shoes // Veluz and Louis Vuitton
Bride’s Headwear/Veil // Veluz
Bridesmaid Dresses // Linoi Haute Couture
Groom's Attire // JC Buendia
Groomsmen's Attire // Derrick of McVain Classic
Rings // Bvlgari
Makeup Artist / Hairstylist // Lindsay Co-Alog
Invites/Stationary // Print Divas
Wedding Coordinator // Kutchie Zaldarriaga
Lights and Sounds // Sensitivity
Cupcakes // Sweet Creations By Mums
Photobooth // Snapit! Photos
Wedding Host // Drew Arellano 
Music // Manila Philharmonic Orchestra / Krissy and Ericka and 3rd avenue band
Special Performance // Dyna Ruth & Dyna Leah / Tax Francisco