Last week I attended an event for Nuna with the lovely Jenny from Mothers Meeting.  We got some sweet pics back from Photographer James Mason. Love these two.

Big thank you to the peeps at GlossyBox for sending me the Valentines Glossbox, LOVE!!!!  If you're a beauty junkie def check these guys out, really good value for money too.

Finally got around to sorting my new biz cards.  You can get them printed with MOO and get 10% off HERE, yippee!  They also do new Luxe cards and are great for postcards and stickers which are perfect for wedding invites etc.

My fav plant in my house, it was tiny when I bought it and now it's HUGE!  Very proud as I normally kill everything :)

Finally got around to buying Cai (well me actually) Wilbur designed by Donna Wilson, I was meant to buy it for Christmas for him!  So cute, only problem is I don't want Cai puking all over him ;-)  I really LOVE the B&W Blah Blah blanket too, better start saving!

Beautiful sky and chimney tops.  The view from Cai's bedroom.

I've been sooooo bored with my hair of late and was debating a fringe.  I had one a few years back but found it hi maintenance especially as I have naturally curly hair, it's a nightmare!  So I happened across these real hair clip in fringes.  I'm so impressed and loving the new look and the fact that when it's getting on my nerves I can just take it out, genius idea!  Buy HERE.

Cai trying out mummies new fringe ;-)

Had a lovely lunch and cuppa with friends Soula and Sharon of I Heart Motherhood yest. Thanks ladies 

Just because they're pretty.  My notepad that I'm using for all my blogging to do lists and ideas.  I def need one with the on going baby brain I'm suffering!  Buy HERE.

Last but certainly not least, a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU to the lovely ladies at Being Content.  I was invited along to a Mothers Meeting there and had a great time.  We got lots of expert advice on nutrition and vitamins and how to apply different types of beauty products.  If you're not taking Zinc rush out to the shops NOW, it's a must have mineral...who would have known.  If you want glowy skin, healthy nails and hair on your big day then get taking that Zinc.  Read about the benefits HERE.  We also got this lovely goodie bag that I can't wait to try out.