I have some exciting news to share with you loveliess today.  Peonies & Pearls has grown month on month  and I have found myself getting busier and busier especially with being a new mummy too!  This has led me to come to the decision to get a little helping hand and expand on what I'm already doing and make P&P bigger and better!

So I introduce to you the new Peonies & Pearls resident experts, the P&P GURUS!  Rachael of Serendipity Weddings and Rebecca of Becca Jones Make Up.  Every week we will have a post from one of our GURUS giving you expert advice on planning and beauty.  This week we will be kicking off with a gorgeous Spring Time Chic mood board from the fabulous Rachael, followed next week with a make up tutorial from the lovely Bex.

But first of all I'll hand you over to the ladies, so they can tell you a little bit about themselves...


Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to have been asked to join the Peonies & Pearls team & can’t wait to get stuck in, but first a little about me and how my career as a planner began.

My passion for wedding planning started when I was asked by a close friend to help organise her big day. It was such a success that several other friends and family members also enlisted my help when they tied the knot, and it wasn’t long before I was convinced that this was my true calling - the launch of Serendipity Weddings followed shortly after!

My professional background is in commercial HR and events management which equipped me with many of the skills that a successful planner needs - business acumen, project management techniques, strong interpersonal and negotiation skills and an ability to develop longstanding relationships with suppliers and clients alike. I combine these with my natural inclination to organise and attend to the tiniest detail (my fondness for lists, spreadsheets and schedules verges on the obsessive at times!) and bucket loads of enthusiasm for every aspect of the wedding industry.

I adore being a wedding planner and it’s almost impossible to pick one part of the job that I enjoy the most, so I’ve gone for three (see what I mean about details & lists!) Firstly meeting a new couple is always fantastic as I love hearing about their thoughts and ideas and sharing in their engagement excitement. Another favourite moment has to be on the wedding day itself when the couple finally sees all of their preparations come to life. Knowing that you’ve had a part to play in the design and planning of such a significant day is priceless. And last but not least, working with couples for several months (or even years in some cases!) means that they can often become a friend as well as a client. Seeing them celebrate anniversaries or the arrival of babies is a really heartwarming moment!

Rachael x

So, a little background info on me and why I love make up so much that I decided I wanted a career in it....

I started out doing make up for friends and family, and when their requests for makeovers became a lot more frequent I realised that not only was this something I enjoyed doing but also that it was something I was pretty good at! A lot of those I had applied my make up skills to urged me to follow a career in it and this got me thinking that maybe this was something I could do even though taking the plunge into this career was a little scary (I'd had plenty of 'proper' 9-5 jobs previous to this!) I knew that if I didn't go for it I would regret it. I certainly have no regrets so far and have done various assignments including bridal, editorial, fashion...and just those that want make up applied for a big night out! I've always wanted a creative career, I just didn't know my niche until now. I studied art and design at foundation level and followed this with a degree in graphic design. I think it definitely helps to have this background in art and design, I believe I have an eye for what looks aesthetically right and I have high standards in my work, even if it takes a little longer it must look perfect!! So far I have no complaints from my clients :) I really don't consider my make up artistry to be 'work', I still really enjoy what I do - every assignment is different with new faces, new challenges, new make up...I can honestly say I love it!

I am inspired by many things...well, everything around me, although I find music is a big influence as well as fashion. The enormous variety of underground genres and subcultures that have their own unique style that exist is very interesting to me. I also find urban culture in general fascinating as I was brought up on an arable farm (I can even drive a combine harvester - random fact!) and city life is intriguing to me. I adore London and try and take in as much as possible every time I visit and Las Vegas is another place that has really interested me - so much so I've been there 3 times!

As for the make up itself, like most artists I don't stick to one particular brand as you will see from the tutorials I use a wide variety of brands which aren't all super expensive - I want to include as many bargain buys that I've found as I can as well as prestige products as I know the cost of a kit can mount up very easily!! If I were to recommend some specific brands rather than items I would say Illamasqua (fabulous independent make up company founded by experimental make up artist Alex Box), MAC and Nars. These all feature prominently in my kit.

The best part of being a make up artist is transforming someone's face through make up, I have made people cry (with happinness!) at their transformation. It's really satisfying especially when you know it's for someone's wedding or another big occasion - make up becomes so important then. I hope that's given you a little insight into where I'm coming from as an artist. I am really looking forward to sharing lots of insider tips & tricks with you all through tutorials and recommending must have products that I know have been really useful to me.

Bye for now, Becca x

So that's our new team, so excited to have these ladies on board!!  As promised the next post you'll see will be the Spring Time Chic mood board from Rachael. It's gorgeous!

Adelle xo

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