This mornings real wedding certainly has the WOW factor.  Hayley and Oliver were wed in the exquisite Belvoir Castle; it's beauty captured by HBA Photography in these wonderful images.  This is Glamour with a capital G!

So without further a do, I'll let Hayley talk us through her big day....

♥ Tell us about the proposal!

We were travelling the South of France on a two week holiday, we started at La Rochelle and worked our way down the coast towards Spain. We had bought a travelers guide of France and randomly picked a place called Arcachon on the Map.

We pulled up at a camp site that was situated next to a huge Sand Dune ('Dune du Pilat' ) – we pitched our tent up (In the sand) and set off for a large glass of French wine! The next day was my Birthday (August 29th) we checked into a Spa for a day of pampering (muchly needed after Glamping for weeks)! We then went for a lovely meal - Oliver nipped to the supermarket to get some goodies for the evening back at camp. Oliver had said how romantic it would be to climb the sand dune that evening and watch the sunset – I thought it was a great idea Oliver packed the bag and off we set…we finally reached the top and got our blanket out, Oliver pulled out a few bottles of champagne, lit the tea lights in the sand and pulled out some strawberries I was over whelmed at such a beautiful site looking into the ocean watching the sunset and being with the man I loved sipping on some fizz….Oli caught me looking at the ocean with a big smile he said what are you thinking? I said just how happy I am with you, life, everything….he then pulled out a beautiful sparkly diamond ring and said would you be happier if I asked you to marry me?!!! I could not believe my eyes….the perfect proposal and I had no idea it was coming at all!!!!!Perfect just like my Husband!

♥ What dress did you wear? How did you know it was the ‘one’? Did you want a particular style?

I wore a Ronald Joyce dress (Selene) it was beautiful, I had tried on a few and had always thought I wanted a big princess dress after trying on the big dresses I soon realised “Big” did not suit me or my body….so I started to try on fitted dresses with the wow factor I tried on this dress and my friend starting crying instantly and said it fitted me and my curves so perfectly and that it was THE ONE! I felt a million dollars….

♥ What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

It’s hard to choose between walking down the isle and seeing the man that I love waiting to marry me and the moment Oliver and I were announced into the Ballroom as Man and Wife where all of our loved ones were under one roof clapping and smiling together. (Over whelming)

♥ Did you have any entertainment? If yes, what and why?

Our entertainment was fantastic – we went with HBA Photography who offer a platinum package (Photographer, Saxophonist and DJ)!!! I could not believe my eyes ….I looked on their website to check the quality of their work and it was second to none, best creative pictures I had ever seen. I then went onto a music clip of Ben Appleby playing the saxophone as I thought this could be lovely for him to play throughout the wedding breakfast to our guests and he sounded amazing so needless to say we booked up with HBA pretty quickly. We also booked a band called JUST who played a range of music from the Killers, Artic Monkeys to the police and Paul Weller etc…pleasing the whole audience.

We also had a fabulous harpist playing Romeo and Juliet and other love songs whilst I walked down the Isle and she then set up in the gardens playing whilst the canopies and champers were flowing!

♥ General décor, was there anything special that you organised?

The décor was vintage glamour so pearls, crystals, creams, pinks and golds….I organised the whole wedding from start to finish down to the finest detail (I am a bit of a perfectionist)! Although once in the hands of Helen at Belvoir Castle (wedding planner) she helped immensely and made it all seem so stress free. The guests commented on how lovely it was with regards to writing a personal message inside each and every one of our guests name cards (75 in total) I just felt that this would make all guests feel equally important with a nice warm feeling in their tummy, that they are loved and very special to the both of us.

 ♥ Did you have favors? What inspired your choice?

The favors for the ladies were pretty baby pink fans with our names and the date of the wedding on as it was a hot summers day so that came in handy and for the men I got them all a miniature bottle of Whiskey with a picture of Oliver and I on thanking them for sharing our special day. I wanted to be different with the favors.

♥ Do you have any advice you can offer Peonies & Pearls readers?

Yes get wedding insurance! Make sure when you take the wedding insurance out that you read the small print!!! Our first venue went into liquidation (Caverswall castle) five months before our wedding!!! and the Insurance company (Debenhams) said that the insurance pay out for liquidation was under the section of failure of suppliers which was £2500 pay out yet I took out the wedding package that should have covered me for £15k if the wedding was cancelled or rearranged so I thought £15k would have been paid out as it was cancelled and needed to be re arranged but no down the list liquidation goes under failure of suppliers!!! Which you would think would be flowers, dress, band etc not VENUE!!! The only payout for a cancellation or re arrangement was something silly like Murder, or closure of the site through health and safety!!

♥ Any regrets? Or best decisions made?

No regrets, all ran smoothly and worked to a budget from the start, paying off as much as we could every month leading up to the big day leaving us with no debt after the wedding! Which is always a nice feeling.

Best decision made was booking Belvoir Castle, amazing venue, amazing staff who made sure everything ran smoothly!

♥ Anything else you would like to share about your wedding?

We hired a big London double Decker to pick all the guests up at Midnight and take them to the hotel. We had also organised a firework display at Belvoir castle which was spectacular, expensive but sooooo worth it!! It added magic to the day!


Ceremony & ReceptionVenue: Belvoir Castle //  Photography: HBA Photography // Florist: Zinic Floral Design // Cake: Abigail Designs // Caterers: Belvoir Castle own caterers  // Bride's Dress: Ronald Joyce – Selene // Bride’s Shoes: Bride’s Headwear/Veil: Brides and Gowns //  Bridesmaid Dresses: Forever Yours 710 216 // Groom's Attire: Hand Made Tailored suit // Groomsmen's Attire: Brigdens  Rings: vintage antique fair // Makeup Artist / Hairstylist: Charlotte Wesson // Invites/Stationary: Amor Luxury Wedding Stationary // Harpist: Jessica Louise - Alive Network // London Bus: Exclusive Cars


  1. congrats for this amazing wedding! her shoes are stunning:X:X:X

  2. Wow!!! Every single image is just - amazing! What a nice venue... This is just a dream for anyone!

  3. Wow, sounds and looks amazing. Can't wait to get married at Belvoir CAstle next summer. Yay.
    Could I ask which wedding insurance you took?
    Tanks so much.

  4. Wow, sounds and looks amazing. Can't wait to get married at Belvoir CAstle next summer. Yay.
    Could I ask which wedding insurance you took?
    Tanks so much.

  5. The blog works were so decent, I wished they never finished.
    most amazing castles

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