The leopard print trend seems to be staying put so I thought I would do something a little different this week and demonstrate how to create simple leopard nail art. It looks very effective and is pretty simple to create with the right products. Whenever I paint my nails like this I always get compliments on them and people asking if they are transfers or how I've done them so I thought this would be a good thing to share with you all :)

So here we go...

01# I used a good base coat such as the Nails Inc one then I coated my nails twice using a gold polish (although you could probably get away with one coat if you're in a hurry!). Shown here is Models Own polish in 'Gold Digger'.

02# Using a deeper metallic shade to compliment the gold, I painted various sized and shaped blobs on top of the gold polish. You don't need to worry about getting these shapes even as leopard print by it's nature isn't a uniform pattern anyway. The polish I used here is Nails Inc polish in 'Belgravia'.

03# This step pulls the whole look together and for this I recommend this nail art pen by Cina Nail Creations - it's like using a marker pen and makes creating this pattern so much easier. Following your 'blob' shapes created in the previous step, the secret to creating the leopard pattern is to make 'C' and 'O' shapes around them with little dots in-between - again don't worry about getting it perfect but try not to overcrowd the pattern with black paint and it should turn out ok!

04# Just to show the finished pattern before the topcoat is applied. You may be able to see that without the topcoat the surface of the pattern has a slightly bumpy appearance.

05# Products used: Cina Nail Creations - Black Nail Art Pen (available from Sally Hair & Beauty) // 
Nails Inc. Polish in 'Belgravia' (available from various concessions including Debenhams and House of Fraser) // Models Own Polish in 'Gold Digger' (available from  Boots)

06# For a speedy topcoat use Nail Life 'Speed Demon' Quick Dry topcoat - it's perfect if you're in a rush or just can't be bothered to wait around for your nails to dry, it will coat and dry them in a couple of minutes.

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  1. Gorgeous! love these nails! Thanks for taking the time to post this.