So sorry for being away for longer than I promised.  Whilst on holiday I received some good & bad news and have been doing a lot of thinking since.  The news - my hubby who is a dancer has been picked to do the Olympic Torch Relay Tour in the UK for 3 months. GOOD, as it's an amazing opportunity for him and certainly helps with our house fund.  BAD, as I'm going to miss him like crazy and I'll pretty much be a single mummy (with some help from relatives) for a few months.  Due to this news I've decided to take a well earned break from blogging for the next few months.  When Cai was born I continued (I was blogging through contractions!) and haven't had maternity leave as such, so I've decided now is the time with Cai being that much older and more interested in the world.  I'll be sad to not be involved in the wonderful world of weddings ( :-( ) but I'm excited about making the most of the summer with Cai before I return to my day job.  Plus it's not forever!

I've run the blog for nearly 2 years now so there's a huge amount of content to go through, so go explore and don't forget to come back in a few months time ;-)

Bye for now,

Lots of Love

Adelle xo


  1. Great idea Adelle, you deserve a well-earned break and what better way to spend it than with your son. We look forward to having you back though :)Best wishes, Melanie x

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  3. Sounds just perfect! goodluck

  4. Great blog and so inspirational.
    Enjoy your well earned break! Well done on the Olympics torch relay for hubby, its a chance in a lifetime.
    We have a very close friend who is in the olympics, he got bronze for the UK last time so fingers crossed for gold in London!!