Organising a wedding is an expensive task and the first thing we all do is start to budget. As well as saving pennies, you can also make some extra money by selling things you no longer want.  Clothing is a great start!

We have come a long way from prehistoric fashion, where warmth was the main penchant for dressing. Now it is about the latest item that hangs in high street stores, awaiting the individual to pick it out of obscurity and into their wardrobe. The truth is clothes are more than just what you put on your back, they are a statement. No matter what they describe what sort of a person you are, whether you like it or not!

That is why when it comes to clothing, we collect, collect and collect, in the hope that we keep up with the latest trends and stay away from fashion faux pas. From denim jackets to skinny jeans and bubble skirts to the latest ‘it’ print, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to high street trends.

It is understandable then why we collect so many items of clothing that sit in our wardrobe, steadily creating a material mountain of garments from trends past. Ever had that moment where you open your bursting wardrobe yet can’t find anything to wear? That sparkly vest or that paisley shirt has just lost its pizazz and is now just taking up precious wardrobe space!  I am most definitely a culprit of this and am in need of a major clear out!!!

Sites like eBay are a great way to sell clothing but with all the fees this can work out costly and time consuming.  A great little site I'd like to introduce you too is musicMapie which is a clothes recycling for cash website, you can also sell other unwanted items such as CDs and Electronics. You can get cash for your unwanted clothes and de-clutter your home at the same time!

It’s really easy to sell clothes with musicMagpie, just enter the brand & type of garment you want to sell into their valuation engine and you get an instant price!  They'll even send a free courier to come and collect everything.  Sounds great to me! xo