What to wear to a wedding, the age old debate! New Look have a beautiful selection of evening dresses perfect for bride, bridesmaid or guest and at fantastic prices. Great for the budget savvy bride or guest!

They have a range of gorgeous dresses, from prom, to maxi, to lace shift dresses...you're sure to find a style to fit you perfectly.  Below I've picked out a few that stood out in the crowd and would suit various styles of wedding.

City Bride

White Off The Shoulder Scuba Dress £24.99

Vintage Bridesmaid

Parisian Pink Sequin Cut Out Flower Strapless Dress £29.99

Chic Guest
Lipstick Boutique Monochrome Dress £39.00

What style of wedding are you thinking of? Are you a budget savvy bride? Comment below and let us know your favourite New Look dress! xo


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  4. Best Collection for evening wear....nice designs ....

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