Paulius and I met in June 2004 in a club called NYT in London. I was living in South Wales at the time and ready to make the move to the big smoke. Since then we were inseparable and moved in straight away. We got married in Vilnius, Lithuania as we wanted my family and our friends to see first hand where Paulius was from. They had an absolute blast and loved the pretty cobbled streets and beautiful churches. We chose to use a very talented photographer from Taurage (Paulius's home town) Romualdas Vaitkus. We were married at St. Peter and Paul's Church in Vilnius (a 17th century baroque church) and then travelled to a beautiful town called Šešuolėlių for our reception at Šešuolėlių Dvaras a gorgeous 19th century estate.


We started our day at the 5 star Ramada Hotel, Vilnius.  The hotel is really stunning with a small cobbled court yard in the centre.  All of our guests stayed here for the whole of the weekend and we had our welcome drinks here the night before the wedding.  The service was excellent and I'd definitely recommend staying here.  The hotel was the perfect back drop to our wedding photos and located in the old town of Vilnius meaning our guests had easy access to all the restaurants and bars.

The hotel kindly organised us a separate room that we used for hair and make up.  We all finished up in my room for a few glasses of bubbly whilst I had my hair and make up finished.  Then my father Stephen arrived to collect his daughter to whisk her off to the church!


St. Peter and St. Paul's Church (Šv. apaštalų Petro ir Povilo bažnyčia) is a 17th century Roman Catholic church located in the Antakalnis neighbourhood of Vilnius. Its interior has masterful compositions of stucco mouldings by Giovanni Pietroand ornamentation by Giovanni Maria Galli of Milan, and is considered a Lithuanian Baroque masterpiece.

It truly is an awe inspiring church and definitely worth a visit if you ever happen to visit Vilnius. The ship chandelier is out of this world! I still can't believe I was lucky enough to get married there, it felt like a fairytale!!

It was so nice to gather outside with our guests for a glass of bubbly before we whizzed off to the bridge for one of our first Lithuanian wedding traditions.


In Lithuania it's tradition for the groom to carry the bride over a bridge. They then lock a padlock to the bridge and throw the key into the river to seal their love forever. Ahhh isn't that just sweet!

I think this is a lovely idea for any wedding and would love to see other countries adopting this as a new wedding tradition :o) This was such a private and special moment for us on our big day. I'm really excited to return to Vilnius next year and visit our lock, I'm sure it will bring back lots of wonderful memories.


Here are some pictures telling the story of our journey to Šešuolėlių Dvaras. It was a pretty hot day, 30c! so we decided to stop off for some refreshing ice lollies. They certainly did the job!

As you've probably already noticed our theme was vintage, peonies, pearls and lace...hence the name of my blog! :o)

I loved my bouquet it was just what I'd asked for and the ostrich feathers and lace ribbon I bought from ebay really complemented my dress. Our vintage Bentley was also gorgeous, I'm a sucker for vintage cars and this one was no different. The lush red leather interior and walnut dashboard were stunning.


We arrived to lots more fun wedding traditions. Our first task was to work as a team to cut through a log in 60 seconds. This is to show that husband and wife can work as a team for a successful marriage, I'm happy to say that we chopped that bad boy in half!

We then had to walk on a plank to smash a plate to find out how many children we are having. Looks like we better get started, there was at least 20 pieces lol

Then before we could enter the reception we were greeted by our parents who held a plate with salt, bread and water. These ingredients are meant to represent the elements of life and ensure the bride and groom never go hungry and have everything good in their lives.


Sooo here's the reception pictures.  With a husband who's a dancer there was always going to be some shapes thrown on the dance floor, but it was so great to see all of our guests get into the spirit of things.  Check out the pictures you'll see what I mean!!

The party really got started after our first dance when the surprise Lithuanian  folk group Sutaras turned up. They really got our guests laughing like they've never laughed before.  I love looking back at these pictures and seeing such joy on people's faces.

We had our main reception in a marque at the back of the manor house that was on the terrace that looked out over the lake, it was stunning in the evening with all the candles burning on the banister.  We then had a separate quieter room in the house that we served lots of desserts and our wedding cake in.

I bought our cute vintage cake topper from ebay.  It's actually a 70s keepsake ornament of Barbie and Ken :o)

As another highlight of the night we bought lots of wishing lanterns that we all sent up into the sky at midnight. This was a hint to Thailand, where Paulius and I got engaged.  Thailand was the first time I ever saw these lanterns and I thought they were so romantic when we set them off on a beach on New Years Eve.


And finally our first dance. I thought I'd separate this out from the reception as it certainly deserves its own post. Our first dance was to Al Green's Let's Stay Together, it's such a soulful romantic song. Then as a big surprise to all of our guests we danced as a group to Lady Gaga's Poker Face. Even our mum's took part, you should have seen my dad's face!!!


Photography: Romualdas Vaitkus
Wedding day Co-ordinators: Laura & Kristina: Lapės vestuvės
Venue:Šešuolėliai Estate
Catering: Hazienda
Dress: Halar, Pronovias (For sale)
Veil: Deity Doll on ebay
Shoes: Faith
Bridesmaid dresses: Monsoon
Men’s suits: Purchased own
Flowers: Aida
Invitations: I made all of our stationary
Musicians: Sutaras Folk Group
Vases and Candles: Zara Home (Vases for sale)